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Go to any big city in this great country and you will most likely find an art gallery filled with works of the "Masters" and lesser known artists. 

I'll bet you didn't know that we are on the brink of losing forever some of our most prolific and creative art from the recent past.  Yes... we're talking about the beautiful art work found in the older "pre-owned" magazines so many of us have discarded as nuisances over the years.  No... I'm not talking about the modern day magazines with their slick, ho hum photographs, I'm referring to the early 1900's versions.  The technology in those early days precluded the mass use of photographs in the printing process, so guess what... the magazines hired artists to create their covers and embellish their advertisements.  If those same artists had applied their talents to canvas... many of their paintings would now be hanging in those same art gallery's in those same big cities mentioned above.

We have made it our mission at Nostalgiaville to salvage a portion of this wonderful art before it is all discarded and hauled to the landfills.  Because our presentation of the ad art is in a chronological or date order, there's an added bonus to your journey with us.  As you page through this section, you will step into history and be swept along like in a time machine.  You will see events and products evolve before your very eyes as you progress quickly through time as projected by the ad art.


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