Paul Bates passed New Years Eve 2009. We keep this information online to remember him in his last few years.


Noah's Ark

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l1040.jpg (27228 bytes) l1041.jpg (24319 bytes) What's a Farm without a Lake?  Paul, the eight year old, had been eyeing the little creek that flows into the pond by the drive way entrance to the Farm.  Two steeply rising hills form the two sides of the little creek... a site just begging for a lake stocked with a bounty of fresh water fish to be built. l1042.jpg (22026 bytes) l1043.jpg (24778 bytes)
"Eyeing" can be dangerous here at the Farm... and so it was that construction began on Lake Cheri... appropriately named after the rambunctious four year old. l1072.jpg (18431 bytes) l1076.jpg (24751 bytes) l1077.jpg (24726 bytes) l1078.jpg (26729 bytes) l1089.jpg (27565 bytes)
Paul's original vision of the project was to obtain an old antique house boat to anchor in the lake, another quaint place for guests to stay and enjoy.  Midway through the lake building, Paul and Cheri were watching the big diggers do their thing and Paul mentioned the house boat idea again.  The four year olds eyes lit up... a vision in her mind... and out of the mouth of babes she blurted... "Why don't we build a Noah's Ark instead."
Now, the story goes that when Noah and God started planning for the adventure, , the Ark had to be really big... big enough to hold a lot of animals and other sundry things.  (Check out the Amy's rendition of the Biblical Account of Noah's Cruise)
On the other hand, our version of Noah's boat only had to hold only a fe w people... plus a few easier to manage stuffed animals and other sundry things.  Now, while I certainly believe that a Creator with a master plan devised this great world we live in and the vast Universe beyond... unlike Noah, I had no direct access to the Creator to help with plans for the Farm's Noah's Ark.  I also realized that Home Depot or Lowes probably didn't stock plans on their shelves for an Ark, so when all other alternatives fail... try the Internet.  A quick search provided only a lonely cartoon picture of Noah's creation. 
When I showed the ark picture to Jerry Vandercook, most honored contractor, he gave me his patented quizzical look, sighed, and said, "Sure... we can build an ark"... and they did. 
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We first poured a  footing and laid a  block foundation.

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n1008.jpg (18185 bytes) n1001.jpg (14120 bytes) n1010.jpg (19180 bytes) n1007.jpg (16210 bytes) After the first task was completed, it was time to move onto the fun part, where we would start to see Noah's Ark come to life, the framing had begun. 
It was somewhat of a challenge to figure out just how we were going to make the Ark look like a boat, we found bendable wood that worked perfect.  Next, we found the perfect windows to go in The Ark, they were circle, and really just set the boat theme off.  f205.jpg (25472 bytes) f203.jpg (28471 bytes) f206.jpg (27286 bytes) f204.jpg (17681 bytes) n1016.jpg (28290 bytes)
n1004.jpg (26883 bytes) n1002.jpg (29275 bytes) The framing of the first floor was complete, then it was time to turn our attention to the second floor. We had hand hewn logs, which was a treasure we had found inside of a barn, and this would add to the nostalgic look, that is somewhat of a necessity we have here at The Farm n1044.jpg (30030 bytes) n1045.jpg (34431 bytes)
Once the hand hewn logs were in place, we chinked in between the logs with concrete. We also, added large windows, so whomever would visit this unique place, would be able to enjoy the view from the Ark, to the absolute fullest, and from someone who has seen the view, it is breathtaking.  f208.jpg (26232 bytes) n1013.jpg (27694 bytes) n1014.jpg (12585 bytes) n1015.jpg (26209 bytes)
f201.jpg (33668 bytes) n1025.jpg (16888 bytes) n1029.jpg (17438 bytes) n1032.jpg (18212 bytes) n1048.jpg (14464 bytes) When the hard work of chinking was complete, the windows were all set, and the second floor was closed in. There were more ideas coming to the Chief Explorer here at Nostalgiaville
30510.jpg (27994 bytes) noahs 58.jpg (45991 bytes) One thing was for sure, the Chief Explorer wanted to add a special touch, you could say that it came from the kid in him, but he had this wonderful idea to add a third story, yes a third story. What could he possibly do with a third story you ask? He wanted to make a control panel, so the visitors would be able to navigate Noah's Ark, to get to their destination in life. This story was built, and it added a childlike touch to this massive boat on the shores of Lake Cheri noahs 30.jpg (36954 bytes) 11522.jpg (19147 bytes)
When the outside of The Ark was completed, it was really time to play. The first thing we did was lay completed puzzle, that had been cut into squares of 8" by 8" on the outside of the walls, doing this gave the Ark a very special affect. Around the curved portions of the Ark's walls, we used vinyl siding, the color was light blue. On the vinyl siding we hung shelves, on them we placed stuffed animals to add to the theme of Noah's Ark, and as we always do, we used barn wood for the remaining portions of the walls. noahs 48.jpg (30575 bytes) 41024.jpg (49658 bytes) 41023.jpg (26965 bytes) noahs 38.jpg (30990 bytes)
noahs 59.jpg (29707 bytes) noahs 52.jpg (35004 bytes) noahs 49.jpg (33432 bytes) noahs 51.jpg (31276 bytes) noahs 53.jpg (13008 bytes) The first floor was furnished with a T.V., a small refrigerator, a microwave, a futon, a bathroom, and hundreds of different species of stuffed animals. 
The second floor is more of a child's haven. It has a bunk bed, with a fort built onto the top bunk. We also, have a day bed upstairs. One wall is filled with Coca-Cola  memorabilia, and more stuffed animals. The deck connected to the second story is a terrific place to relax and unwind while you watch the fish swimming around in the Lake below.  noahs 46.jpg (25776 bytes) noahs 47.jpg (25114 bytes) noahs 45.jpg (40628 bytes)
noahs 57.jpg (47712 bytes) noahs 36.jpg (33427 bytes) During the Spring, Summer, and Fall, there are always beautiful flowers planted around the Lake and the Ark. These pictures were taken during the Fall when we had magnificent mums planted in the bed right beside it.  noahs 40.jpg (57969 bytes) noahs 33.jpg (41368 bytes)
noahs 43.jpg (18502 bytes) noahs 66.jpg (52356 bytes) n1011.jpg (29746 bytes) n1023.jpg (27394 bytes) n1036.jpg (28845 bytes) n1043.jpg (29404 bytes) To add to this amazingly designed creation, it has a splendid view as far as you can see. 

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