Paul Bates passed New Years Eve 2009. We keep this information online to remember him in his last few years.

THE FARM at Nostalgiaville

Bring along your wildest imagination... and take a tour of a most unique and magical area.  
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Sometimes in the course of ones life, a vision appears that is so overwhelming and demanding as to make that one sit up and take notice.  This occurred in a movie with Kevin Costner called Field of Dreams and Kevin ended up building a major league baseball field in the middle of an Iowa corn patch.  His premise was that if he built the field "they", old expired legendary baseball players, would come... and they did.

Creating and building the Farm at Nostalgiaville has been a labor of  love for Cheri and me... Paul.  Any task worth undertaking should be F-U-N... and the design and building at the Farm has been a joy and a pleasure beyond belief.
Many unique structures have been completed, and the Farm is beginning to take on a magical life of its own.  That magical life, in addition to structures, includes a creation of  peace, quiet, beauty, and serenity.   Like Kevin... we've built the Farm... though it will never be finished... and we're sure that "they" will come... even though we have no idea who "they" are.  

Who knows... you may be a "they".  If this bit of nonsense has piqued your curiosity and you think that you may be a "they", then pick a topic, click your mouse, and explore the wonders of the Farm at Nostalgiaville.

Nostalgiaville needs your help. Since the passing of Paul Bates, Cheri & family need help to preserve Paul's Ideas & sprit.
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